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Debt in Van Diemen’s Land 1804 – 1833: life’s adversities, the law and an attempt to find a balm paper 13
by John Bourke and Rosemary Lucadou Wells,   Macquarie University
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The Development of the Role of the Prosecuting Lawyer in the Criminal Process: ‘Partisan Persecutor’ or ‘Minister of Justice’?

paper 14

by David Plater, University of Tasmania

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Legal Landmarks: The Architecture of Justice in late medieval England

paper 15

by Anthony Musson,    Exeter University

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Cistercian Nuns, Cause Papers, and the York Consistory Court in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries paper 16
by Elizabeth Freeman,  University of Tasmania
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Conspiracy and Cognate Doctrines at the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal paper 17
by Neil Boister
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Plunkett's Disappointment: The relevance of Catholicism to a judical appointment to the New South Wales Bench in the 1840s

paper 18
by Tony Earls, Legal practitioner, Sydney
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Overcoming ‘Intellectual Colonialism’: Aspects of the Teaching of Legal History in Australia from c.1890 to 2006 paper 19
by Stefan Petrow, University of Tasmania
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